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Originally published on SoundStage! Xperience

Traditionally, headphone amps have been afterthoughts -- relatively low-cost circuits built into receivers, computers, portable media players, etc. After all, even with relatively insensitive headphones, the amp usually needs to put out no more than 50mW -- 0.05W -- to drive headphones to loud volumes with no audible distortion. But with headphones’ recent surge in popularity, and the concomitant growth in the number of hardcore headphone enthusiasts, many manufacturers have been putting serious design effort and resources into their headphone amps.

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Would love to have a pair, crinacle have high praises on these.
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i love it too..sound is amazing. Bang for the buck...😍
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Just one question here from me, how can one test 600 dollars amiron home on ...
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Very amazing IEM, and good review too🤩
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Nice , i can't wait to have listen this iem from TinHifi😍😍